It’s not often we get to see Black Cowboys and Cowgirls do a “hood ride” through our city streets such as in Compton, Newark or Detroit other than catching a brief glimpse of them in a local parade. 

The Black Cowboys and Cowgirls have been galloping around in this time honored tradition across America since reconstruction. Showcasing their horsemanship talents as law enforcement agents, western scouts and cattle drivers.  Today they are mostly seen in rodeo competitions, trail rides, overnight camping, and Buffalo Soldier re-enactments.

I’m honored to have this work on America's Black Cowboys Series shown at Photoville 2023.  While this is not the first project or story on Black Cowboys this exhibit is focused on those from Detroit, the DMV, The NYC Federation of Black Cowboys, the Crazy Faith Riders of NJ as well as competitors in the Bill Pickett Rodeo.   

Opening day is Saturday June 3, 2023 at 1pm at Brooklyn Bridge Park – Emily Warren Roebling Plaza 


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From Chambers street (behind City Hall) Manhattan Take the A Train to Cadman Plaza. From there you only need to turn towards the bridge, walk down towards the river, where you will see the containers.'ll instantly see Photoville exhibitions installed along Old Fulton Street, so enjoy the preview in Brooklyn.