Just gathering thoughts now. I'll complete the story when I can.

At first I didn't know what to think!  We were on a road trip to home from Beaufort, South Carolina and mom wanted to drive.  So I let her behind the wheel.  We left the parking lot of a rest stop but the exit faced I-95 and the high traffic was going south or towards the right.  But the service road to exit was going left.  When mom approached the service road I told her to turn left.  But all she saw was cars going right.  Mom turned right on the service road.  I sort of chuckled and said mom! no baby that't the wrong way.

I was in the car with my sons and nephew.  So we ended up back in the rest stop.  I said mom would you like to try it again.  She said yes and the same thing happened again.  She though she was getting onto the interstate and flow with the traffic.  So the third time she got it together and we got up down the service road to the local county road heading home.  But I only let her drive for a few miles then I took over for the remainder of the long trip home.

More to come