George Floyd



When I arrived on the seen at Foley Square in New York to photograph the George Floyd protesters I was a bit taken back about the amount of folks I saw.  They were a color wheel of people of all shapes and sizes both men and women, young, old, children. “My Daddy Changed The World.” Floyd’s daughter said.

I thought the protesting was just going to be a couple of days.  But it has turned into more than that.  There was push back against “The Man.”  Not just the police.  Tamika Mallory said “I don’t give a damn if they burn down target.”

At first I was taken back at these words, I don’t promote violence nor did I like seeing businesses like Target being vandalized.  But what Mallory was talking about was how long will America oppress their people.  Her message is clear that no matter how large and powerful America is we’re going to fight back to let you know that “enough is enough.”