Queen Reen Light


Photo Expo 2019: The Sony Platform:


I was a bit reluctant to pop into the Sony Platform during Foto expo.  Only because it was off the beaten path.  But Once I got over it and explored what was going on I found I made a good decision.


There were two models on hand Olympian Bruce Carrington and former competitive figure skater Reen Light.  When they finished up there sessions.  I walked over to them individually and explained I was working on my athletic portfolio and asked if they wouldn’t mind sitting for me on a future date.  Both agreed and were so kind.  All I could offer was a TFP.


I met Bruce at his gym in Brooklyn and Reen in her near by Tribeca neighborhood.  Reen a cross fit trainer asked if she can do the Foto in her ice skates.  I said heck yeah! But I already had the spot picked out  at “Collister Foto alley in Tribeca. 


The best time to shoot there is before 11am or after 4P when the sun is not a factor.  Here I was trying to fight the sun but just went with the flow.  After all her name is “Queen” Reen Light.

And yes it’s a bit weird shooting someone on cobblestones with ice skates.  But is there and rules in photography that when broken doesn’t work? ©BrianBranch-Price


I am working on my 3 light athletic set up.  I used two B10’s and one white lighting (600) with reflectors.  Two on the side and one the white lighting as main.  What was interesting about the white lighting is that I did not need my pocket wizard. My B10 air remote that triggered the B10’s which of course triggered the White lighting worked out great and the optic buttons for the White lighting was pointed away from the lights.  Wow Great!

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