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"Queen" Reen Light

As I pursue my quest on the never ending portraits.  I shot a picture of Reen Light who was a former competitive figure skater and now turned cross fit trainer.  We met last month at the Photo Expo Sony platform.  Wasn’t too crazy about shooting the same thing that everyone else was shooting at the Sony set up. 


I pulled her off the side between her sittings and ask if we could to a TFP.  She said yes and was so gracious about it.  So we hooked up the other day at collister Foto ally in Tribeca. 


I was trying to fight the sun but just went with the flow.  After all her name is “Queen” Reen Light. Reen was a former competitive figure skater and wanted to do some shots in her skates.  It was blast.  Reen now teaches gymnastics and is a cross fit trainer. ©BrianBranch-Price


Used two B10’s and one white lighting with reflectors

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